Coming Soon

The Tactical Gamer Admin team is very excited to announce this new service that will be available to the TG Squad community in the very near future!

That's right!! Stat tracking!!

You might have noticed the absence of a lot of the admin team members from the Squad server over the past month or so. Well, today is the day where we share with you what we've been spending a lot of our evenings (and even daytime hours) working on.

This project started small: we were interested in capturing the server TPS performance over time to give us a better way of tracking performance, see if there was a correlation between the map being played and the player count in relation to other things going on to track the server health (TPS). This "little" project then quickly mushroomed into a much, much larger project that we've coined "Tactical Gamer Stat Tracker +". Yeah, super original ;)

Tell me about the stats!

Okay, okay! Relax.

We've managed to make sense (mostly) of the log file generated on the server and extract from that an awful lot of information. Can we give each players KDR? Yes, we can. However, compared to some of the other information we can extract, KDR is child's play and, quite possibly, the least interesting piece of information we can provide.

Let me say one word: HEATMAPS

The following are heatmaps generated on Kohat AAS v2 over 26 rounds of game play.

Radio (FOB) Locations (all teams)
TOW Locations (all teams)
Rally Point Locations (all teams)

So, those are generated over time. We will provide the ability to generate those heat maps dynamically upon request and allow for a range of time to be specified. This will allow users to examine trends over a week, a month or over the entire course of history that we have the data for. Very powerful stuff.

Of course, we can also generate maps for a specific round showing the locations of everything deployed during that round: radios, habs, TOWs, HMGs, ammo crates, sand bags, vehicle repair stations; even the location of IEDs and mines.

All Deployments (one round)

There will, of course, be more traditional stats available as well. The following is a list of stat categories that we have identified along with some of the reports we will make available (this is not a comprehensive list):

Player Stats

Round Stats

Faction Stats

Map/Layer Stats

Again, these are just a sample of what we can make available and should not be considered the final list.

When will this be available?

The obvious question. Well, there are two answers to this question:

First, we are currently collecting stats and have them available from about the end of August through now. We are collecting them for every round played on the server. We're not sure what to expect when v12 drops, as OWI could drastically alter what they are logging and how. Regardless, we will not lose any data if the logging changes on the server, and we will adapt going forward as necessary.

Secondly, and more direct to the question, we're just not sure when user access to this data will be available. We're currently working on an interface for these stats and when it is ready, we will definitely let everyone know where and how to get at the stats.

We want your input

We want to make this as robust as a system as possible and provide meaningful (and maybe less than meaningful) data for everyone. We have some pretty wild imaginations, but we also will be the first to concede that we might not think of everything. So, we'd like your input into what kind of things you'd like to see made available, so we created a survey for the community to use to give us input into the types of things you'd like to see. We must warn you up front that, while we have an awful lot of information available via the log files, it doesn't give us everything. Actually, you'd probably be surprised at some of the information it doesn't give us. So, don't be disappointed if something isn't represented in the data, and understand that if something is there or not shown in the way that you feel makes sense it is most likely because that data is not available to us via the log files.

Here's the survey:

Most Importantly

This project has been a massive undertaking that has consumed a lot of hours of free time from the admin team. I personally want to thank all of them for their contributions, both great and small, to this project. I'm extremely proud to lead this team, and I think that the TG Squad community of players should understand and appreciate the hard work and dedication that each of the admins show toward the TG community. They rock, and our community would not be what it is without their contributions both on and off the server.

Thanks guys!

This project is not the end, either. We have a lot more in store for the TG community, so stay tuned!

Now, go forth and play on the server and build up the stats database!!